Free Birds

When awkward outsider turkey Reggie (Owen Wilson) is pardoned by the American president ahead of Thanksgiving, he trades his future-meal status for a life of luxury, TV and pizza, complete with bunny slippers. If the idea of a turkey in fuzzy slippers is too much for you, you might want to stop right here. Because Reggie soon gets “recruited” by Jake (Woody Harrelson), a fellow bird on a secret mission to save all turkeys from the Thanksgiving massacre. And what better way to do that than travelling back in time (I told you) to the first Thanksgiving and somehow stop the establishment of the age-old tradition? And so Reggie and Jake embark on a journey to thwart the pilgrims’ plans and save the wild turkeys of the past.

Reggie ticks all the boxes of the scrawny, brainy hero

Young children will be entertained by the action and simple gags in this flick but will most likely fail to grasp the plot. Let’s face it, even we get confused by convoluted time-travel films. Unfortunately, while recent animation features usually have clever hidden jokes for grown-ups to pick up on, Free Birds remains pitched at 5-year-old level throughout.

Once the shall we say “original” premise is established, the story is cartoon-ly predictable yet cute enough to elicit a few smiles, making Free Birds basic family entertainment. Suitable for vegetarians.

Free Birds is released in UK cinemas on 29 November

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